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Together we Hustle, Together we Celebrate


We are more than just a team, 250+ Creative heads, we hustle hard to bring stories to life and craft Entertainment that cuts like Knife. Dreamers, Trailblazers, you can find all of the kinds.

Turning Up Spaces

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Welcome to Tamada Media, nestled in the heart of Hyderabad, where work meets play and dreams come alive! Our office is not just any ordinary workspace it's a magical abode with a breathtaking lake view that will leave you spellbound.

Imagine stepping into a world where work and fun coexist in perfect harmony. Our office is a vibrant hub where creativity flows freely, and every corner is filled with laughter and excitement.

Prime Pioneers: Conquering the South, One Office at a Time









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Life at Tamada

Join our fun-filled workplace, where we party like there's no tomorrow. From anniversary bashes to festive extravaganzas, we create memories that last a lifetime. Be part of a creative family that believes in working hard and playing harder. Come, experience the joy and thrill of Tamada Media!


Your Search for the Perfect Workplace Ends Here!

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